Adiposis dolorosa



Adiposis dolorosa
Anders disease
Dercum's disease
Fatty tissue rheumatism
Juxta-Articular adiposis dolorosa
Lipomatosis dolorosa morbus dercum's

Adiposis dolorosa is characterized by the slow formation of multiple, painful growths consisting of fatty tissue (lipomas) that are found just below the surface of the skin. Pain may vary from mild discomfort when a growth is pressed or touched to severe pain that is disproportionate to the physical findings.


Source: Orphanet

1. Dercum's is a very rare disease
2. Dercum's effects women significantly more than men

Typical Age of onset

Between 35-50


  • painful, fatty lipomas (benign fatty tumors) covering the body
  • obesity, frequently in menopausal age
  • weakness and fatigue
  • emotional instability, depression, epilepsy, confusion, and dementia.
  • being bruised easily
  • trouble with sleeping
  • memory issues
  • elevated heart rate
  • difficulty with concentration
  • joint aches
  • shortness of breath

Source: NORD