Autoimmune urticaria


Autoimmune urticaria
Chronic “idiopathic” urticaria (CIU)
Chronic urticaria
Physical urticaria
Urticarial vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels)


Autoimmune urticaria occurs when the immune system attacks the normal tissues of the body, resulting in hives. The condition becomes chronic when the lesions persists longer than 6 weeks. Chronic autoimmune urticaria has been found to be associated with autoimmune thyroid disease.


US cases: ~16 million
Source:  Medscape

Typical Age of onset

Children - Unknown at this time.
Adult - 20-40


  • Red or skin colored welts, can vary in size, shape and appear anywhere on the body
  • Severe itching
  • Painful swelling of the lips, eyelids and inside the throat
  • Symptoms can flare with triggers such as heat, exercise and stress
  • Signs and Symptoms persist for more than 6 weeks and to recur frequently and unexpectedly

Source:  Mayo Clinic