Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy


Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
Chronic relapsing polyneuropathy


Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy is a rare neurological disease that inflames the nerve roots and peripheral nerves, damaging the myelin sheath. The destruction of the myelin sheath leads to loss of strength or sensation.


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US cases: 16,000 - 22, 400
Source: National Organization for Rare Disorders

Typical Age of onset



  • Weakness of muscles around the hip, shoulder, hands, and feet

  • Impaired coordination, numbness, tingling, loss of or abnormal sensations

  • Fatigue, burning, pain, clumsiness, difficulty swallowing, and double vision

  • Deep tendon reflexes are reduced or absent

  • Abnormal walking and responses to sensory stimuli will be impaired

Source: National Organization for Rare Disorders