Enroll in the FLARE Study

One mission of the Autoimmune Registry is to support research on treatments for autoimmune diseases. I am writing you today about the FLARE study, which is researching the use of a smartphone app from Mymee, a company with the mission of ensuring that lupus patients receive the essential resources and support needed to improve their quality of life.

The study, being conducted by Dr. Faiz Khan, was approved by the Western Institutional Review Board. The FLARE study provides a smartphone app for tracking lupus symptoms, such as flares, and potential triggers along with weekly health coaching. 

 If you:

  1. have lupus (SLE),
  2. live in the U.S.,
  3. are 18 years or older,
  4. own or have regular access to a smartphone, and
  5. are struggling with pain, fatigue, and/or have difficulty performing everyday tasks,

you may qualify for the study.  There is no reimbursement to you, but it requires no insurance and there is no cost to you.

The study will last for a 4-month intervention period followed by a 12-month follow-up study period (4 quarterly follow-up check-ins) for a total of 16 months.  As a participant, you will be randomly assigned at the beginning to either an intervention group or to a control group.  Every 4 weeks you will answer “quality of life” questions online, which takes approximately 10 minutes.

If you are in the control group, you will have the opportunity to receive the intervention for free after the official 4 months study intervention period is completed. 

If you are in the intervention group, the first step will be an intake session which will be done over the phone and will last one hour.  You will then begin taking pictures of what you eat and drink every day via smartphone.   Starting in the second week, you will spend a few minutes each day tracking potential symptoms and/or triggers.  Each week for 15 weeks you will receive feedback and guidance from a health coach.

Please click here to see if you qualify to be a part of the FLARE Study and please indicate you heard about the study from ARI.

If you have questions for Dr. Khan, please click here .