Write a disease profile and help the Autoimmune Registry create a single source of help for those with any of the 140+ autoimmune diseases.

It's easy: 

1. Click on any existing disease profile so you have an idea of what they should include.
Note that we focus on scientific information sources that can be found on PubMed. 
2. Pick any disease that is not profiled yet - and send a message below letting us know which disease you are interested in working on. (that way we do not have 2 people working on the same disease). 
3. Click here to use this checklist to create an adequate profile.

When you are done, send me the profile so I can review it and then post it. Also let me know how much time you spent preparing it - that time counts as an important in-kind donation to ARI!

Your name will appear on the profile as thanks for your contribution!

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